Taking a Step Back: Why I Took a Social Media Break

  1. As someone who just got back online after a 4month hiatus everything that was said I can say it is refreshing to know that many people can still feel grounded offline.
    Reconnecting without having the phone in my hand at all times because of the fear of missing posts online allowed me to understand how much I love Earthly simplicities walking, reading, people watching, but most importantly regaining the passion in things that require movement because we can really spend so many hours scrolling without even noticing!
    Thank you for this post and reminding everyone that relies on social media for their businesses, art or just to see things that the world still exists all around us. How welcoming is the Earth when you remember to come out touch some grass ☺️💚

    • Ada Rojas says:

      Uff that last line! So good. 4 months off social media sounds glorious. So happy to hear that you have been enjoying the earthly simplicities. Thank you for this beautiful comment!

  2. Alexandra says:

    I really appreciated this post so much! The aspect of how much social media is consuming our lives is insane. However, it’s essential to nurture & care for ourselves above all things! Thank you for being so transparent- I too agree nature’s healing is so impactful! 💜✨

  3. Kari says:

    Enjoyed reading this, and those roses 🌹😍! It feels great when you come back from a break and redefining what your relationship with socials looks like. Looking forward to the podcast episode and sending you love Ada!

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